Why Intco

Intco Framing upholds the reputation for high quality, great designs,
and fast delivery to fulfill all aspects of a project - from moulding and picture framing supplies to equipment, saving you time and money.

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Design & Engineering

We excel in product design, specializing in moulding with a focus on profiles, foils, and embossing. We launch 40 unique designs every month, supported by a collection of 10,000+ profiles and embossing.

Our frame mouldings come in a variety of materials to choose from, including aluminum alloy, polystyrene, MDF, wood, and iron. Whatever your preference, whether ODM or OEM, we can accommodate.


Intco’s vertically integrated supply chain of raw materials, we maintain control over product quality from the source, ensuring consistent excellence for initial orders and reorders. With formidable production capabilities, we have the capacity to manufacture 2.4 million boxes of PS moulding annually. We can meet the demands of large-scale production while consistently upholding rigorous standards of quality.

Global Production and Supply

By strategically locating our factories in China and Vietnam, we enhance our resilience to external factors that may impact the supply chain and maximize efficiency and flexibility in meeting your demands.

Multiple production bases ensure that we can offer flexible shipping and provide certificates of origin to meet our customers' needs.

Total Solutions for Custom Framing Industry

Intco Framing is dedicated to providing custom framing businesses with a one-stop solution. Everything required by the custom framing industry can be found in one place at Intco Framing.

From frame mouldings to mats, glasses, and backings, any accessories related to custom framing can be purchased here. We even offer auto joint machines and cutting machines to our customers.

All of these are aimed at streamlining your shopping experience while saving you time and energy, so that you can focus on driving your business.