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INTCO Framing is a manufacturer of innovative custom picture frame mouldings, helping clients preserve their memories and add beauty to their homes.
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Not only do beautifully-crafted frames compliment your pictures, but they can also serve as a focal point for your interior décor.

Framed art and photography can also create a stunning focal point in any room. Paired with the right frame moulding, framed artwork and photography can bring an important level of

Adding custom mouldings to your home can be overwhelming. To get started, first determine the style and overall aesthetic of your home decor. Pair the moudling profile with exist

Framed art is an indispensable part of home decor. It not only defines the personality of the home, but it tells us a lot about the person that lives there. The size, shape, color,

Suppose you have a new house that needs to be decorated, or you are simply tired of the way your house currently looks. A great way to freshen up your home decor is by finding some

At INTCO, our PS material are both dense and durable. They are a quality product that can withstand a variety of climates. Did you know that Polystyrene is not moisture reactive?