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INTCO Framing is a manufacturer of innovative custom picture frame mouldings, helping clients preserve their memories and add beauty to their homes.
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Decorate Your Home with Custom Picture Frames

Looking for a way to decorate your home? Custom picture frames are the way forward! There are so many ways you can use a photo frame to jazz up your interior.

modern unfinished picturer frame mouldings

Today, Let's discover our tips for finding the ideal picture frame mouldings for your artwork.

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Bathroom medicine cabinets are available in various materials - you can choose from wood, plastic, stainless steel, etc. Let’s explore some of them in a little more details.

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Wall art can give your home a touch of class. Today, let Intco Framing share some wall art ideas to upgrade your home.

classic unfinished picture frame mouldings

Selecting colors can be one of the most gratifying parts of the picture-framing process. Make sure that you pick the right color schemes for your picture frame mouldings

medicine cabinet with mirror for bathroom

It's vital to get the correct mirror cabinet for your purposes since it may truly tie a room's decor and layout together. Here are some things to think about.