Sustainable materials, net-zero and a circular economy… INTCO Recycling has been committed to ESG for more than 20 years. What is the future of resource regeneration?

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Intco Recycling(688087.SH) is a high-tech manufacturer in resource recycling, and its affiliate, Intco Framing is one of the world's largest makers of frames.

Only 30% of EPS is recycled every year. The other 70%, or an estimated two million tons, ends up improperly discarded, haphazardly burned or tucked away in landfills.

“There is no such thing as waste, only resources in the wrong place,” notes CEO, Frank Liu.

We have developed an innovative end-to-end process of plastic recycling and reuse, that transforming recycled plastics into trendy, high-quality household and consumer goods.

Intco Recycling has reduced 200,000 tons of carbon emissions, saved 300,000 tons of crude oil, and protected 2.7 million trees every year, an elegant and profitable solution for the recycling of waste EPS foam.
Cumulative Savings
Annual Savings
3.4 Million Tons Carbon Emissions
5.1 Million ons Crude Oil Resources
33 Million Trees Were Protected
+150,000 Tons/Year r-PS,r-PET
-300,000 Tons/Year CO₂
-450,000 Tons/Year Oil
+1.6 Million Boxes/Year PS Mouldings
+2.7 Million/Year Trees Were Protected
15 Pieces
Art Frames
60 Meters
100 Pieces
Photo Frames
Innovating Circular Economy Models
Intco emphasizes on the environmental impact of the whole life cycle of products, and with advanced plastic recycling technology and recycled plastic products, it realizes the high-value recycling of plastics and opens up the entire industrial chain of plastic recycling, forming a unique "Circular Economy Integration" business model.
Comprehensive Environmental Initiatives
Recognizing the pressing issue of climate change, we respond by implementing strategies to reduce our carbon footprint, emphasizing the judicious use of resources across all operations. Furthermore, we focus on optimizing waste utilization, transforming it into a valuable resource. We conscientiously uphold the highest environmental standards in every aspect of our business.
Nurturing a Diverse and Inclusive Work Environment
Our company is committed to fostering a workplace culture that embodies genuine care for our employees. We prioritize diversity and inclusion, actively valuing and respecting individuals of different nationalities, ethnicities, and backgrounds. In our pursuit of an inclusive and equal opportunity environment, we offer positions tailored to recruit employees with disabilities.