Becoming a global leader in high-tech recycled resource manufacturing

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We have a dynamic and hardworking team making concerted efforts on a difficult but worthwhile cause. The recycling industry has a profound impact on the environment and society, leading to sustainable development.

- Frank Liu,CEO


Misssion: Focus on the Recycling of Resources, for the Sustainable Development of the Earth

Vision: Becoming a Global Leader in High-tech Recycled Resource Manufacturing

Spirit: Honesty & Integrity, Diligence & Hardworking, Professionalism,Teamwork, Customer First

Values: Love Goodness Truth

Objective: With Human Wisdom Serving Human Needs

Improvement & Innovation: Every Suggestion Will be Cherished, Every Improvement Will be Awarded

The Duty to Our Employees:

Maximize the Individual Potential of Each Employee

The Duty to Our Team:

Create a Positive Working Environment

The Duty to Our Customers:

Satisfy Our Customers

The Duty to Our Enterprise:

Growing Our Business

The Duty to Society:

Practicing Ethical Behavior

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Our Customer Service Team has an in-depth knowledge of the picture framing industry and is here to support you with seamless end-to-end solutions.