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7 Creative Picture Framing Ideas for Your Home Inspired By Pinterest

  Creative picture framing is one of the best ways to elevate your home decor, turning plain walls into fully-fledged galleries – designed and curated by you.


  In this blog, we've collected some of the best ideas on Pinterest, perfect for homes of every shape, size or style. If you’re struggling for picture framing ideas, pour yourself a drink, grab a notebook and prepare to learn a thing or two.


  Let's dive in.


  7 Creative Picture Framing Ideas for Your Home


  1. Antique-Style Gallery Wall


  Creating your own gallery wall is one of the most popular picture framing ideas right now, especially one that's inspired by vintage or antique decor. This example on Pinterest offers a great formula to follow: an eclectic mix of frames, a variety of shapes and sizes, and art that's reminiscent of a time gone by.


  Embellished ornamental frames like this can be difficult to come by in contemporary home stores, particularly if you're looking for one with unique dimensions. Try contacting a picture frame moulding specialist – they'll help to create a custom picture frame that suits the style and size you're looking for.


antique-style custom picture frames



  2. Modern Gallery Wall



  If you're not sure about the vintage-style gallery walls, a modern option might be better suited to your tastes. Usually created with matching frames of different sizes, a modern gallery wall is a great option for a more minimalist home. Why not take the simplified look a step further and fill your frames with only black and white images? Monochrome is a timeless trend when it comes to the home, so you'll never tire of the look.


  This example demonstrates how you can turn a boring stairway into a monumental collection of memories – definitely one of the best picture framing ideas out there!


modern style picture frame moulding



  3. One-Frame Feature



  Art has been used to decorate homes for centuries, and no technique has been as popular as the one-frame feature wall. Usually comprising one large frame, hung in the centre of a wall, this method is a brilliant way of filling high-ceiling spaces. With the right selection of art or photography, it can also complement bolder decor choices – evidenced in this example.


  Dark antique furniture and a dusty blue paint color gives this room an eclectic style, so having one central feature-frame balances things out nicely.


  TIP: If you're looking for a custom picture frame like the one in this example, a picture frame moulding expert like Intco Framing is the best solution.


intco framing provides eclectic style custom picture frame



  4. Frame Trio



  If you've got a small vertical or horizontal space to fill, a trio of picture frames is a great option. Perfect for displaying pictures of children or family members (like this example), a set like this works best with a matching set.


  If you're feeling creative, you could even design some complementary prints to fill the space, or buy a set from a local artist.


use a trio of picture frames to fill the space



  5. Picture Ledge



  For those looking for creative picture framing ideas who are short on wall space, a picture ledge could be the perfect solution. Ideal for any size of home, simply install a shelf (whatever length you have space for) and rest the frames on it – rather than hanging them.


  A picture ledge is also a great alternative to a gallery wall, offering the same eclectic feel without taking too much real estate. This example uses a variety of frames and art work that aligns with the rest of the home, resulting in an elegant yet compact effect.


framed art build the picture ledge



  6. Corner Framing



  Corner framing is growing fast in popularity, demonstrated here by the space-saving experts – IKEA. As well as making a room feel bigger, it can also unify two disparate areas by joining them together.


  This example uses a range of frame sizes, slotted tightly together to create a work of art visitors are bound to stand in awe of.


corner picture framing with custom frame sizes



  7. Combine Shapes



  While most gallery walls make use of frames matching in shape, combining them can create an intriguing effect. Take this living space as an example: its gallery features rectangular and square frames, plus some circular prints for a unique look. 

combine shapes picture frames



  Intco Framing | Expert Picture Frame Moulding


  No matter which of Pinterest's picture framing ideas you try, sourcing the right pieces for your home is essential. At Intco Framing, we specialize in custom picture frame moulding, including aluminum, wood and polystyrene options.


  Discover everything you need to know about picture frame moulding in our latest blog, or check out the website to start your order.

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