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INTCO Framing is a manufacturer of innovative custom picture frame mouldings, helping clients preserve their memories and add beauty to their homes.
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Why is picture frame design so important?

  An important part of interior design is displaying artwork and photography in the home. It gives a sense of comfort and nostalgia not just to the homeowner, but to friends and family as well.


  Framed art and photography can also create a stunning focal point in any room. Paired with the right frame moulding, framed artwork and photography can bring an important level of sophistication to a living space.


Picture frame idea for-American rustic style dining room


  To create a sense of balance in your living space, be sure to select a frame that coordinates with your general design aesthetic. If your home boasts warm woods, the picture frame moulding you use can complement a similar aesthetic.


  An eclectic gallery wall display is another great way to take advantage of creative design. Try to group frames with like profiles, and compile your gallery assortment in odd numbers such as a grouping of five or seven pieces.


  For more great tips on how to display framed and photography in your home, be sure to visit the INTCO Blog here.


  INTCO Framing has been a leader in PS picture frame and moulding since 2002 and offers over 20,000 innovative designs, finishes, and profiles. INTCO is a proud leader of sustainable, fine quality products showcased in homes and businesses around the world.

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