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INTCO Framing is a manufacturer of innovative custom picture frame mouldings, helping clients preserve their memories and add beauty to their homes.
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Custom designed picture frame moulding

  Suppose you have a new house that needs to be decorated, or you are simply tired of the way your house currently looks. A great way to freshen up your home decor is by finding some beautiful framed art.


  The frames you select doesn't need to be expensive, it just needs to match your overall desired colors and design. This way you can ensure that your space has a relaxing cohesive feel.


Picture frame ideas for Country style living room


  INTCO picture frame mouldings are a great way to create a traditional, long-lasting look in your home. INTCO frames are fashionable and eco-friendly too. Our products feature classic and modern designs, made from high-quality decorative materials. INTCO profiles will make your space stand out for years to come.


  Our PS mouldings cover a variety of themes and decor styles. Every month INTCO releases new products featuring classic, modern, vintage, industrial, and other popular styles. INTCO also has a variety of products made from other materials, such as MDF, aluminum, and wood. Our team is always available to showcase not only our best seller products but also create something custom just for you.


  Looking for a customized exclusive design? Tell us your ideas and we'll do the rest.

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