The largest picture frame moulding manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China
Mr. Liu Fangyi(Frank liu) who is the chairman of INTCO Framing
Chairman of Intco Recycling
Mr.Liu Fangyi (Frank Liu)

INTCO Vision

Become Global Leading High-Tech Manufacturer of Recyclable Resources

INTCO Mission

Focus on the Recycling of Resources, for the Sustainability of the Earth







Corporate Culture Values

  • 1. The Duty to Our Employees

    Maximize the Individual Potential of Each Employee

    > Recruiting and Promoting the Right People
    > Coaching and Encouraging the Professional Development of Individual Capabilities
    > Provide Continuing Performance Evaluation
    > Encourage Employee Innovation and Change
  • 2. The Duty to Our Team

    Create a Positive Working Environment

    > Encourage Teamwork
    > Recognizing and Rewarding Excellence
    > Providing Competitive Pay and Benefits
    > Fostering Continuous Two-Way Communication
  • 3. The Duty to Our Customers

    Satisfy Our Customers

    > Understanding the Customer's Vision and Strategies
    > Continuing Improvement of Products, Service, and Value
    > Anticipating and Meeting Customer Needs
    > Building Effective Customer and Supplier Alliances
  • 4. The Duty to Our Enterprise

    Growing Our Business

    > Increasing Long Term Profitability
    > Expanding Business and Customer Base
    > Reinvesting in New Products, Services, and Support
  • 5. The Duty to Society

    Practicing Ethical Behavior

    > Performing Our Duties with Honesty and Integrity
    > Embracing Mutual Trust and Respect
    > Promoting Workforce Diversity and Culture Sensitivity
    > Protecting and Caring for the Needs of the Community and the Environment